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Kind is the New Cool is a Cincinnati nonprofit organization that promotes club initiatives focusing on kindness, lunchtime inclusiveness and anti-bullying. It was founded by Aiden Lenox, a student at Walnut Hills High School. KNC partners with any local club who interested in spreading these initiatives locally throughout the tri-state.


From Aiden Lenox

I established Kind is the New Cool to end one of the top concern in schools, bullying. I am a Junior at Walnut Hills High School, and was often left out of activities during elementary school. This is a common problem that  many students in elementary, junior high and high school often face. It is crucial for students at each school to band together and form a kind and inclusive community that advocates anti-bullying.


            During the summer of 2017, I watched the national news and learned about a lunchtime inclusiveness club in a Florida school called the We Dine Together. I was interested, and after learned more about the club, I mentioned the idea with Anna Tewell, who was my intervention specialist. Ms. Tewell also experienced isolation herself as a high school student, and were eager to bring the We Dine Together club to Walnut Hills. In 2018, the Student Congress approved it, and we hit the ground running. 


            Soon after, a Walnut Hills administrator recommended me to attend a bullying forum with other CPS students. I was introduced to CPS Board Member Mike Moroski who was interested in learning more about the We Dine Together club. In early 2019, he invited me to speak to the Student Achievement’s Committee of Cincinnati Public Schools to discuss We Dine Together's initiatives.


            Mr. Moroski then introduced me to Ms. Molly Wellmann, a Cincinnati entrepreneur, who was bullied as a student. Ms. Wellmann was interested in anti-bullying initiatives and fundraising for the club. Her goal was to spread kindness driven clubs such as We Dine Together to schools in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. As a result, Ms. Wellmann, Ms. Tewell, my family and I decided to create a new nonprofit called Kind is the New Cool to help spread kindness-based initiatives throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky schools.




Aiden Lenox is the original founder of Kind is the New Cool, Inc. He is currently a junior student at Walnut Hills High School. He is the founder and president of the chapter of We Dine Together club at his school, which promotes inclusivity throughout lunchtime. He is also member of Cincinnati Children's Hospital's Youth Council for Suicide Prevention. Aiden resides in Hyde Park, Cincinnati, Ohio with his parents and sister. Aiden is passionate about kindness and inclusivity and hopes to spread kindness driven club initiatives throughout the Cincinnati region.



Bullying and isolation are major concerns in every school. Our goal at Kind is the New Cool is to help students come together to create a more kind and inclusive community.

Please contact us if you are interested and you will receive our starting packet containing information about starting a club with kindness based initiatives at your school.

Walnut Hills We Dine Together Club

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